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Elaine Cohen is an American researcher in geometric modeling and computer graphics, known for her pioneering research on B-splines.[1] She is a professor in the school of computing at the University of Utah.[2]

Education and career[edit]

Cohen graduated from Vassar College in 1968, with a bachelor's degree in mathematics. She went to Syracuse University for graduate study in mathematics, earning a master's degree in 1970 and completing her doctorate in 1974.[3] Her dissertation, On the Degree of Approximation of a Function by Partial Sums of its Fourier Series, concerned approximation theory, and was supervised by Daniel Waterman.[4]

At the University of Utah, Cohen became the first woman to gain tenure at the School of Engineering.[5]


With Richard F. Riesenfeld and Gershon Elber, Cohen is the author of the book Geometric Modeling with Splines: An Introduction (AK Peters, 2001).[6]

She has also contributed to the development of the Utah teapot, improving it from a two-dimensional surface with no thickness to a bona-fide three-dimensional object.[7]


In 2005, the YWCA of Salt Lake City gave Cohen their Outstanding Achievement Award.[5] In 2009, Cohen and Riesenfeld won the Pierre Bézier Award of the Solid Modeling Association for their work on B-splines in computer aided geometric design.[1]


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