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This article is about the American actor and playwright. For other people with the same name, see Elaine Lee (disambiguation).

Elaine Lee is an American actress, playwright, producer, and graphic novel writer.



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She received a 1980 Daytime EMMY nomination for her role on NBC-TV’s The Doctors[1] and was a founding member and artistic director of Manhattan-based theatre company, Wild Hair Productions.[2]

Wild Hair began its run performing three plays written by Elaine Lee and Susan Norfleet Lee, which the duo acted in: Brief Lives, The Contamination of the Kokomo Lounge, and Starstruck.[3] Starstruck, a science fiction spoof with a largely female cast, was performed off-Broadway at the N.E.T.W.O.R.K. Theater, from April 16-May 10, 1980. Elaine Lee portrayed Captain Galatia 9, and Susan Norfleet Lee played Brucilla The Muscle. In 1983, Elaine Lee directed a revised production with a new cast that was performed at the Park Royal Theater, from April 16-May 8, 1983.[4]

The Starstruck stage script is published by Broadway Play Publishing Inc.


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As a writer, Elaine Lee has collaborated with artists Michael Wm. Kaluta, Charles Vess, James Sherman, Steve Leialoha, Will SImpson, John Ridgeway, Phil Winslade, Mary Wilshire, Linda Medley, Ray Lago, Gabriel Morrissette, Dan Spiegle, Jason Temujin Minor, Ronn Sutton, and Lee Moyer.


Elaine Lee has also worked as a comic colorist, doing such titles as Starstruck (Epic), New Mutants (Marvel), and The Shadow (Dark Horse).

Graphic novels[edit]

Elaine Lee has written five graphic novels.

  • Skin Tight Orbit, Vol. 1 (NBM/Amerotica) 9781561631186
  • Skin Tight Orbit, Vol. 2 (NBM/Amerotica) 9781561631377
  • Vamps, (Vertigo) 9781563892202

Starstruck: The Luckless, the Abandoned and Forsaked was nominated for a Jack Kirby Award as The Best Graphic Album of 1985.[10]


With her sister, comedian Susan Norfleet Lee, Elaine Lee co-authored the humorous relationship book Porch Dogs, under the pen name Georgia Sullivan. ISBN 0-9726863-0-4


From 1995 until 2008, Elaine Lee wrote scripts for children's animation and developed animated series for the European market, working for companies in Germany, Denmark and Belgium.[11]

  • Stevie Stardust (Stardust Entertainment/ Hallmark Entertainment)[12] - Elaine Lee wrote scripts, the series bible, and was a story editor.
  • Troll Tales (A-Film)
  • The Mooh Brothers (Niolan)

Elaine helped to develop six different animated cartoon series for young children for Niolan Kids. She wrote scripts for five of these shows, including one with her two sons.


Elaine Lee has written adaptations for and been a co-producer for The AudioComics Company, an audio production company adapting comics and original works into full-cast dramatizations with scores and sound effects.[13]


Elaine Lee has adapted various Starstruck projects into new audioplay productions.

  • Starstruck: The Audioplay was a revised adaption of the original stage play. It was recorded in May, 2010, with a full cast, music, and sound effects; it was released for sale by The AudioComics Company as a double CD and as an MP3 download.[14]
  • Starstruck: Running Scared, a new short play, was created for a cast reading at I-Con in April, 2011.[15]

In both productions, the villainess was portrayed by Denise Poirier, most known as the voice of the animated Aeon Flux.

  • The Adventures Of The Galactic Girl Guides, a series of ten-minute shorts focusing on the mischievous children in Starstruck. Based on illustrated stories printed in the Starstruck Deluxe Edition, the six adaptations will be collected for purchase on a one-hour CD or available as individual downloads beginning in 2014. Additionally, one of the stories, "Bye Bye Birdy", will be a bonus track on a remastered edition of Starstruck: The Audioplay.

In 2011, Elaine Lee was chosen as an Artist In Residence at the National Audio Theatre Festival workshop. The NATF commissioned her play "TransMars Tango" for a live performance,[16] which was based on game events created by Lee and David Nolte for "The Ares Project", an unreleased video game. The live production starred Philip Proctor of The Firesign Theatre, and was directed by Brian Price.[17]

Lee also adapted her "Honey West: Murder On Mars" (Moonstone Books) as an audioplay.[18] She will continue as story editor and adaptor for future "Honey West" recordings, which will be based on work by other writers.


In 2011, Elaine Lee became a co-producer for all subsequent productions of The AudioComics Company; Starstruck, "The Batsons: The Trouble with Fang!", "The Batsons: Camilla's Crush", "Honey West: Murder On Mars", "Titanium Rain, Vol.1", and "The Domino Lady: All's Fair in War".

After adapting her "Honey West: Murder On Mars" comic arc as an audioplay, Lee co-produced the recording of it with AudioComics. Directed by William Dufris, it starred Carrington MacDuffie as detective Honey West.

Art Director[edit]

Elaine Lee acted as Art Director for Stadium Entertainment, a music company that specialized in compilation CDs meant to benefit various charities.[19]

Lee has also supervised Art Direction of the packaging and marketing for AudioComics Company recordings that she co-produced. These include: Starstruck, "The Batsons: The Trouble with Fang!", "The Batsons: Camilla's Crush", "Honey West: Murder On Mars", "Titanium Rain, Vol.1", and "The Domino Lady: All's Fair in War".

Book design[edit]

Elaine Lee did the book design and layouts for the hardcover collection Starstruck Deluxe Edition (2011) along with painter/designer Lee Moyer. ISBN 1-60010-872-5

Comics bibliography[edit]



  • Starstruck (Ilustracion+Comix International)
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  • Starstruck: The Luckless, Abandoned And Forsaked (Marvel Graphic Novel)
  • Starstruck (Epic)
  • Starstruck: The Expanding Universe (Dark Horse)
  • Starstruck: Remastered (IDW)
  • Starstruck Deluxe Edition, 2011 (IDW)


  • Morrigan Tales (Eclipse, Taboo, Epic Illustrated)
  • Galactic Girl Guides (Rocketeer Adventure Magazine, Comico)
  • The Transmutation of Ike Garuda (Marvel/Epic)
  • Steeltown Rockers (Marvel)
  • Saint Sinner (Marvel/Clive Barker)
  • Prince Valiant (Marvel)
  • Ragman: Cry of the Dead (DC)
  • Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny (Dark Horse)
  • '"Tam Lin", from The Book of Ballads and Sagas (Green Man Press)
  • Skin Tight Orbit: Vol I & II (NBM)
  • Vamps (DC/Vertigo)
  • Vamps: Hollywood and Vein (DC/Vertigo)
  • Vamps: Pumpkin Time (DC/Vertigo)
  • BrainBanx (DC/Helix)
  • Honey West: Murder on Mars (Moonstone Books)



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