Elaiochori, Arcadia

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Spring overview of Elaiochori (2008)

Elaiochori (Greek: Ελαιοχώρι [eleoˈxori]) is a mountain village in Arcadia, Greece. It lies near the border of Argolis. It was historically called Masklina (Greek: Μάσκλινα [ˈmasklina]), a Slavic name meaning "olives". The Korinth-Kalamata railway runs through the village. Elaiochori has a population of 487 and is part of the municipal unit of Korythio. Its name comes from its considerable production of olives and olive oil.

Coordinates: 37°27′15″N 22°34′04″E / 37.4541°N 22.5678°E / 37.4541; 22.5678