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Elastoplast logo

Elastoplast is a brand of adhesive bandages (also called sticking plasters) and medical dressings made by Beiersdorf.[1] Beiersdorf bought brand rights for the Commonwealth from Smith & Nephew in 1992. It has become a genericized trademark for "sticking plaster" in some Commonwealth countries including the United Kingdom and Australia.[2]

In some countries in Europe Hansaplast, a brand name started by Beiersdorf in 1922, is used instead.[3] A third trademark, named Curitas, is used in parts of Latin America.

Nick Kochan wrote about Elastoplast in his book The World's Greatest Brands (1996); noting that "the early success of the brand was due to its high-stretch fabric material coupled with an effective adhesive"; and that it has as strong position in worldwide markets, particularly in the UK.[4]

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