Elati (mountain)

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Elati (Ελάτη)
Highest point
Elevation1,158 m (3,799 ft)
Coordinates38°39′00″N 28°36′13″E / 38.65°N 28.6037°E / 38.65; 28.6037Coordinates: 38°39′00″N 28°36′13″E / 38.65°N 28.6037°E / 38.65; 28.6037
PronunciationGreek: [eˈlati]
LocationLefkada, Greece

Elati (Greek: Ελάτη, meaning "pine tree") is a mountain on the Greek island of Lefkada.[1] It is the island's highest peak.[2]


Settlements at or near the mountain are:

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