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Industry Telecoms Technology ISP
Founded 2002
Founder Dan McDonough Jr
Headquarters Charleston, South Carolina, US
Area served
Key people
  • Dan McDonough, Jr. (Chairman and Founder)
  • Barry Rubens (CEO)
  • Scott Davis (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Robert Grosz (CRO)
  • Bruce Sanders (CMO)
  • Taylor Jones (CTO)
  • Jody Irwin (CAO)
Services Private Telecoms Networks, Broadband Internet, Cable Television Services
Subsidiaries Elauwit Media (discontinued)
Website www.elauwit.com

Elauwit {pronounced el-ah-wit} is an American telecom and technology company,[1] which is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. The company provides broadband Internet and related services throughout the U.S.A, catering to the multi-family industry (primarily student housing, homeowner associations, apartments, and condominiums).[2]


In 2002, as digital media began to disrupt the print media business. Elauwit Founder Dan McDonough, Jr. left newspaper publisher Gannett Co. to start a newspaper business where all residents in the community got a free local newspaper each week delivered to their mailbox.[3] [4]

This model of connecting local communities proved successful. Elauwit Media’s 20+ newspapers spanning New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and South Carolina were winning awards for journalism while growing in value. With the decline of print media, Elauwit set out to connect the members of communities with each other through telecom service and digital media.[5]

In 2008, Elauwit acquired some of the assets of a small, regional Internet Service Provider in South Carolina and began building a business around connecting multi-family communities. The focus at first for the business, was on the growing segment of purpose-built student housing. Providing Internet access to the most demanding segment of the population (college students),[6] helped to build expertise in delivering their services and developing a customer service model. While the industry was shrinking in the midst of a global recession, Elauwit was twice named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in America. Elauwit finished at No. 744, with 2009 revenue of $9.7 million, and in 2008 was ranked 1,577.

As Elauwit shifted its primary focus to the student housing industry, in 2012, EdR NYSEEDR, a leader in the ownership, development and management of collegiate housing, purchased a 10% interest in Elauwit Networks.[7]

In 2013, as the demand for high speed Internet was on the surge, Elauwit announced it would be deploying Tellabs NASDAQTLAB Optical LAN[8] (local area network) to deliver RF video and ultra-high-speed Internet to college students starting with 8 student housing projects across 8 states.[9] Compared to the traditional copper-based LAN that requires more equipment and constant infrastructure upgrades to support more bandwidth and new services, Optical Networks are low maintenance and can be expanded more efficiently.[10]

In 2015, Elauwit sold its video/television operations to World Cinema, Inc. of Houston. Part of the transaction resulted in World Cinema investing in Elauwit Networks for a 5 percent stake in the company. Elauwit still sells video/television services through an agreement with World Cinema.[11]


Elauwit Media[edit]

Elauwit Media published the Sun and Telegram community newspapers in the South Jersey communities of Haddonfield, Moorestown, Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Marlton, Medford and Mt. Laurel.[12] It also used to publish five business monthlies in South Jersey, South Carolina and New York. The company sold virtually all of its assets to Newspaper Media Group in August 2016.[13]


The company has offices in:


Elauwit has been recognized with multiple Innovator Awards from Student Housing Business Magazine, including one in 2015,[14] and one in 2017 shared with EdR.[15]

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