Elbewerft Boizenburg

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Elbewerft Boizenburg
1948–1990 VEB
1990–1997 GmbH
Industry Shipbuilding
Founded 1948
Headquarters Boizenburg, Germany
Products Fishcutters
River cruise ships
Cargo ships
Parent DMS AG

Elbewerft Boizenburg was a German shipbuilding company, headquartered in Boizenburg. Since 1990 it has been part of the Deutschen Maschinen- und Schiffbau AG (DMS AG).[1]


The boat workshop was founded by Franz Jürgen Lemm in 1793.[2] The first steel ship was launched in 1895. The shipyard developed quickly, from Elbewerft, Boizenburger Werft to Thomsen & Co, in 1938. After World War II the shipyard was founded as VVW Elbewerft Boizenburg VEB on the basis of Thomsen & Co and after 1945 and the separation of Germany, the shipyard focused on markets in Eastern Europe. In 1970, after fusion with shipyard in Roßlau,[3] Elbewerft Boizenburg became part of VEB Elbewerften Boizenburg/Roßlau, which was one of the most renowned state-owned shipyards of the German Democratic Republic.

Ships built by VEB Elbewerften Boizenburg/Roßlau (selection)[edit]


  • Typ Havanna

Container ships[edit]

  • Typ CBK

River cruise ships[edit]

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