Elbio Anaya

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Anaya, Elbio
Born 1889
Died 1986

Elbio Anaya (1889[1]–1986) was an Argentine general who served as minister and secretary of state, and one of the leaders of the Revolution 43.


Being captain he led, as second Lieutenant Colonel Héctor Benigno Varela, military repression against strikers Patagonia in 1921, known as the Patagonia tragic. The historian Osvaldo Bayer argues that executions ordered but he has refused.[2]

In 1943 he was head of the military garrison of Campo de Mayo, the largest in the country. He was one of the leaders of the military coup that originated June 4 Revolution of the 43 in which he served as Minister of Justice and Public Instruction in 1943, under the presidency of General Pedro Pablo Ramirez.