Elbit Hermes 900

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Hermes 900
Elbit Hermes 900s.JPG
Role Unmanned aerial vehicle
National origin  Israel
Manufacturer Elbit Systems
Designer Elbit Systems
First flight December 9, 2009[1]
Introduction 2012[2]
Status Operational
Developed from Elbit Hermes 450

The Elbit Systems Hermes 900 Kochav (Star)[3] is an Israeli medium size multi-payload unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed for medium altitude long endurance (MALE) tactical missions. It has an endurance of over 30 hours, can fly at a maximum altitude of 30,000 feet, with a primary mission of reconnaissance, surveillance and communications relay. The Hermes 900 has a wingspan of 15 m and weighs 970 kg, with a payload capability of 300 kg.[4]

Operational history[edit]

The Hermes 900 was first used by Israel during Operation Protective Edge in July 2014. It had been undergoing test flights and wasn't planned for operational deployment until late 2015, but it was introduced during the operation for unique missions that it could perform better than the Hermes 450. Following the end of the operation, the Hermes 900 will return to integration and flight testing to pass milestones that still need to be met.[5]


The Israeli air force has equipped its Elbit Systems Hermes 900 unmanned air vehicles with undisclosed specialist payloads, and formally named the type "Kochav" (Star).[6] The UAV made its first operational flight during "Protective Edge" operation in Gaza in July 2014.[7]
Elbit Systems has been awarded a contract to supply a Hermes 900 unmanned air system to the Brazilian air force.[8]
In July 2011, Elbit reported the first export sale of its Hermes 900 UAV to the Chilean Air Force. The Chilean choice followed evaluation of two classes of UAVs. At the high end were the Elbit Hermes 900 and IAI Heron. At the lower (tactical) level were Elbit Hermes 450, and Aerostar from Aeronautics Defense Systems.[9] Three Hermes 900 UAVs are operated by the Chilean Air Force. In October 2013, the Chilean Navy began evaluating the Hermes 900 for procurement for maritime patrol tasks.[10]
In August 2012, Elbit won a multi-million-dollar contract to supply a mixed fleet of Hermes 900 and Hermes 450 unmanned air systems to Colombia.[11] In July 2013, the Colombian Air Force confirmed they have one Hermes 900 on order, to be accepted in the coming months.[12]
In January 2012, Elbit announced it has been awarded a $50 million contract to supply two Hermes 900 systems to an undisclosed customer "in the Americas",[13][14] later revealed to be the Mexican Federal Police.[15][16]
In June 2014 Switzerland’s procurement agency has selected the Hermes 900 to meet the nation’s requirement. The design had been in competition with IAI Heron to replace RUAG Ranger UAV currently in service with the Swiss armed forces.Six Hermes 900 will replace the 15 Ruag Ranger until 2019.[17][18]


Elbit Hermes 900 UAV

Data from Defense Update[19]

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2 on ground
  • Capacity: 350 kg (770 lb) payload
  • Length: 8.3 m (27 ft 3 in)
  • Wingspan: 15 m (49 ft 3 in)
  • Gross weight: 1,100 kg (2,425 lb)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Rotax 914, 86kW (115HP)


  • Maximum speed: 220 km/h (137 mph; 119 kn)
  • Cruising speed: 112 km/h (70 mph; 60 kn)
  • Endurance: 36 hours
  • Service ceiling: 9,144 m (30,000 ft)


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