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Contract manufacturer
Traded as Nasdaq HelsinkiELQAV
Industry EMS
Founded 1984[1]
Defunct 2011
Headquarters Luxembourg[2]
Key people
Jouni Hartikainen CEO
Website www.elcoteq.com

Elcoteq SE was a Finnish[3] consumer electronics contract manufacturer,[4] EMS,[4] and ODM[5] company headquartered in Luxembourg.[2] The company filed for bankruptcy protection in Luxembourg on October 6, 2011.[6]

It was a manufacturer of the BlackBerry and also performed repair and refurbishment services.[7]


Founded in 1984 as a microelectronics unit of the Lohja Corporation,[1] the company became independent in an early 1990s management buyout.[8]

Elcoteq made an IPO on the Helsinki Stock Exchange in November 1997.[9]

It manufactured the ill-fated Microsoft Kin for Sharp Corporation in the late 2000s.[10]

On October 6, 2011, Elcoteq filed for bankruptcy in Luxembourg.[11] The loss of a major client, Nokia, to Asian sourcing outfits[12] may have been a contributing cause.[citation needed]

Production base expansion[edit]

Its original production base was in Lohja, Finland,[13] and in 1992 it established an Estonian base.[13] By 1999 had expanded production to include non-European bases, too.[14]


Representing electronics, contract manufacturing, and technology, Elcoteq was the company's second choice after Finnish regulators would not allow it to register the name Mikrotec.[8]


The first Elcoteq customers were Ericsson and Nokia.[1] Other clients have included:

Production bases[edit]

Elcoteq has had production bases in Brazil, China, Estonia, India, Hungary, Romania, and Mexico.[19]


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