Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga

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Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga
Valhalla Knights - Eldar Saga Coverart.png
Developer(s) K2
Composer(s) Motoi Sakuraba
Series Valhalla Knights
Platform(s) Wii
  • JP: October 8, 2009
  • EU: September 17, 2010
Genre(s) Action role-playing game
Mode(s) Single-player
Online multiplayer[1]

Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga (ヴァルハラナイツ エルダールサーガ), known in Europe as Eldar Saga, is an action role-playing game developed by K2 and released for the Wii. It is the third installment of the Valhalla Knights series and the only one to be released on the Wii. Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga was released on September 29, 2009 in North America, October 8 in Japan and September 17, 2010 in Europe.




Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga is an exclusive installment for the Nintendo Wii. The latest iteration of the Valhalla Knights series (the first two games were available for the PlayStation Portable) provides an online co-op mode via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.


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