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Eleanor (b. Eleanor Acedemia on August 13, 1958 in Los Angeles California) is a dance music singer and producer. She is of Filipino Hawaiian descent.

Her one and only chart appearance occurred in 1988 when her song "Adventure" went to number one on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in the U.S.[1]

The single came from her 1987 debut album "Jungle Wave," which was one of two albums she recorded for Columbia Records, the other being "Global Conversations" in 1992, the latter being a Jazz/Vocal set. Both her albums featured tracks influenced by her Filipino heritage that would lead to recording "Kulintang: 3rd Century Gong/Drum Ensemble Music," which she performed using Kulintang percussions. She would later switch gears to Indie Rock, eventually launching her own record label Black Swan Records and a radio program showcasing independent artists.

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