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Eleanor Shanley, Frankie Lane and Paul Kelly, Dublin 2011

Eleanor Shanley, from Keshcarrigan in County Leitrim in the North West of Ireland, is renowned for her unique interpretation of Irish and Roots songs. She has been at the top of her profession since her first appearance as the singer with traditional group De Danann, and subsequently with Ronnie Drew. She has also toured with Christy Moore and Sharon Shannon and as a soloist both in Ireland and abroad, where she is much in demand at top music festivals.

Shanley has recorded with Ronnie Drew, Sharon Shannon, Eddi Reader, Tommy Fleming, Desmond O'Halloran, Dolores Keane, Christy Hennessy, The Dubliners and many others. Her current collaborators are Frankie Lane and Paul Kelly with whom she has performed since 2002.


  • Tommy Fleming's Restless Spirit album.
  • De Danann's How the West was Won.
  • Dubliners' 30 Years a Greying (she was only female singer ever to record with the Dubliners).
  • Frankie Lane's Gunsmoke at El Paso.
  • With Frankie Lane and Paul Kelly: A Place of My Own

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