Eleanor of Scotland

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Eleanor of Scotland
Archduchess consort of Austria
Eleanor stewart 1458 80 daugh hi.jpg
Tenure 1449 - 1480
Born 1433
Died 20 November 1480
Burial Stams
Spouse Sigismund, Archduke of Austria
House Stewart
Father James I of Scotland
Mother Joan Beaufort

Eleanor of Scotland (1433 – Innsbruck 20 November 1480) was a daughter of James I of Scotland and Joan Beaufort. She married Sigismund (1427–1496), a Habsburg Duke, then Archduke of Further Austria, and finally ruler of Tyrol (from 1446 to 1490).

Eleanor, like her two eldest sisters, inherited their father's love of literature. Her husband was not remarkable for learning and was ignorant of the French language, but he was fond of romances and works of fiction. The name of the archduchess is connected with the popular work entitled The History of the King's Son of Galicia, named Pontus, and the beautiful Sydonia (Pontus and Sidonia). Eleanor translated this work from French to German. The French original passed through several editions between c. 1480 and 1550.' A copy of the German translation, preserved in the library of Gotha, bears the date 1465. This book seems to have been circulated extensively.


Eleanor died in childbirth with her son Wolfgang on 20 November 1480 and was buried in Stams.



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