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Eleazer Kimberly (November 17, 1639 - February 3, 1709)[1] was the sixth Secretary of the State of Connecticut.

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, to Thomas Kimberly and Alice Atwood of England,[1] Kimberly was reportedly the first male child born in New Haven.[2] He was a schoolmaster in Wethersfield from 1661 to 1689.[3] In the 1690s, he held several positions in Glastonbury, including Commissioner and Town Clerk.[2] Kimberly served as Secretary of Connecticut from 1696 until his death in 1709.[3][4] He was "one of the best penmen of his time, as attested by the town and colony records."[2]

Kimberly was married three times and had five children.[2] He built the Kimberly Mansion in the early 18th century.[5]

Kimberly was also a minor character in the 1958 children's historical novel, The Witch of Blackbird Pond.[6]


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