Elections BC

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Elections BC
Agency overview
Formed 1995
Jurisdiction Provincial Elections in BC
Headquarters 100-1112 Fort Street, Victoria, British Columbia
Employees 44 (Permanent) up to 32,000 (election period)[1]
Annual budget $8,961,000 [1]
Agency executive
  • Dr. Keith Archer, Chief Electoral Officer
Website EBC Homepage

Elections BC (formally, the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer of British Columbia) is a non-partisan office of the Legislature responsible for conducting elections in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Its federal equivalent is Elections Canada.

In each district Elections BC is represented by a District Electoral Officer (DEO) and a Deputy District Electoral Officer (DDEO) who oversee the establishment of an office within the district when an election is called. Often this process begins prior to the writ of election.

Voter card for the 2005 provincial elections.


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