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Elections in Liberia occur solely at the national level. The head of state, the President of Liberia, is elected to a six-year term in a two-round system, in which a run-off between the two candidates with the highest number of votes is held should no single candidate earn a majority of the vote in the first round. The Legislature has two elected chambers.

The House of Representatives has 73 members, elected to six-year terms by the first-past-the-post method in single-member districts. The Senate has 30 members, 2 from each county, elected at-large to nine-year terms by the first-past-the-post method. Senatorial elections are staggered, with one senator from each county being elected in elections held three years apart, followed by a six-year period in which no senatorial elections are held.

All citizens who are 18 years or older may register to vote in elections. Under Article 83(a) of the Constitution, elections are held on the second Tuesday of October every election year, with presidential run-off elections being held on the second Tuesday following the announcement of the results of the first round. Elections are regulated by the National Elections Commission of Liberia (NEC).

The first round of a general election to elect the President and House of Representatives on 10 October 2017, resulted in a run-off between ex-football star George Weah and Vice President Joseph Boakai.[1] George Weah won the run-off with more than 60% of the ballots cast.[2]

Latest elections[edit]

Presidential elections[edit]

CandidateRunning matePartyFirst roundSecond round
George WeahJewel TaylorCoalition for Democratic Change596,03738.37732,18561.54
Joseph BoakaiEmmanuel James NuquayUnity Party446,71628.76457,57938.46
Charles BrumskineHarrison S. Karnwea Sr.Liberty Party149,4959.62
Prince JohnsonAudrian R. Smith-ForbesMovement for Democracy and Reconstruction127,6668.22
Alexander B. Cummings Jr.Jeremiah SuluntehAlternative National Congress112,0677.21
Benoni UreyAlexander Nyonkon DuopuAll Liberian Party24,2461.56
Joseph Mills JonesSamuel B. Reeves Jr.Movement for Economic Empowerment12,8540.83
MacDella CooperWilliam R. SlocumLiberia Restoration Party11,6450.75
Henry Boima Fahnbulleh Jr.Marcus S.G. DahnLiberian People's Party11,5600.74
Oscar CooperWonderr Koryenen FreemanIndependent10,3810.67
MacDonald A. WentoJohn N. BleahUnited People's Party8,9680.58
Simeon C. M. FreemanWilliam T. KnowldenMovement for Progressive Change6,6820.43
Isaac Gbombadee WilesRichmond D. K. YarkpahDemocratic Justice Party6,3790.41
Aloysius William KpadehJohn S. PartorIndependent5,9220.38
Kennedy Gbleyah SandyVictoria Morris TwehLiberia Transformation Party5,3430.34
George Sluwer Dweh Sr.Annie Y. TuazamaRedemption Democratic Congress4,9350.32
William Wiah TuiderDave L. DixonNew Liberia Party4,9200.32
Jeremiah Z. WhapoeIsaac D. G. FlowersVision for Liberia Transformation3,9460.25
Yarkpajuwur N. MatorRuth L. KollieIndependent1,9400.12
Wendell J. E. McIntoshManjerngie Cecelia NdebeChange Democratic Action1,6460.11
Valid votes1,553,34894.611,189,76497.67
Invalid/blank votes88,5745.3928,3602.33
Total votes1,641,922100.001,218,124100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,183,62975.192,183,62955.78
Source: NEC NEC

House of Representatives elections[edit]

Constituencies won
Coalition for Democratic Change (CDCNPPLPDP)239,75415.5721+7
Unity Party220,50814.3220−4
Liberty Party131,9808.573−4
Alternative National Congress93,4756.070New
People's Unification Party90,4215.875New
All Liberian Party77,0135.003New
Movement for Economic Empowerment59,2683.851New
Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction56,7343.692New
Coalition for Liberia's Progress50,7323.300New
Liberia Transformation Party49,6213.2210
United People's Party47,3573.081New
Victory for Change Party28,3851.841+1
Liberian People's Party24,2871.581New
Vision for Liberia Transformation21,3241.390New
Grassroot Democratic Party20,5881.3400
Liberia National Union20,2271.311+1
Movement for Progressive Change19,9801.300−2
True Whig Party14,7230.960New
Liberia Restoration Party11,6900.760New
Democratic Justice Party7,4150.480New
Change Democratic Action7,1660.470New
Redemption Democratic Congress5,7310.370New
Liberians for Prosperity6280.040New
New Liberia Party4940.030New
Valid votes1,539,50294.86
Invalid/blank votes83,4275.14
Total votes1,622,929100.00
Source: NEC

Senate elections[edit]

Congress for Democratic Change135,89729.782
Liberty Party52,35111.472
Unity Party47,12310.334
National Patriotic Party27,6026.051
People's Unification Party22,5284.941
Alternative National Congress18,9174.151
Alliance for Peace and Democracy18,4104.030
National Democratic Coalition5,7261.251
Union of Liberian Democrats4,0920.900
Liberia Transformation Party3,6800.810
Grassroot Democratic Party of Liberia3,1540.690
Movement for Progressive Change3,0380.670
Liberia National Union1,7790.390
Victory for Change Party1,2660.280
Valid votes456,27095.07
Invalid/blank votes23,6664.93
Total votes479,936100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,903,22925.22
Source: NEC, NEC

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