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Malawi elects on the national level a head of state – the president – and a legislature. The president and the vice-president are elected on one ballot for a five-year term by the people. A simple plurality is required to win; there is no provision for a runoff election. The National Assembly has 193 members, elected for a five-year term in single-seat constituencies. Malawi is a multi-party system, which means that there are multiple parties as well as a number of independent politicians who do not formally associate with any party.

Malawian citizens who are 18 or over are entitled to vote. Foreign nationals who have lived in Malawi for 7 years can also vote.[1]

Latest elections[edit]

2019 Malawian general election[edit]

General elections were held in Malawi on 21 May 2019 to elect the President, National Assembly and local government councillors.[2] Incumbent President Peter Mutharika of the Democratic Progressive Party was re-elected, with his party remaining the largest in the National Assembly. However, on 3 February 2020, the Constitutional Court annulled the presidential election results due to evidence of irregularities, and ordered fresh elections be held.[3]


CandidateRunning matePartyVotes%
Peter MutharikaEverton ChimulirenjiDemocratic Progressive Party1,940,70938.57
Lazarus ChakweraSidik MiaMalawi Congress Party1,781,74035.41
Saulos ChilimaMichael UsiUnited Transformation Movement1,018,36920.24
Atupele MuluziFrank Tumpale MwenifumboUnited Democratic Front235,1644.67
Peter KuwaniArchibald Kalawang'omaMbakuwaku Movement for Development20,3690.40
John Eugenes ChisiTimothy Watch KamuleteUmodzi Party19,1870.38
Hadwick KaliyaMabvuto Alfred Ng'onaIndependent15,7260.31
Valid votes5,031,26498.54
Invalid/blank votes74,7191.46
Total votes5,105,983100.00
Registered voters/turnout6,859,57074.44
Source: Malawi Electoral Commission

National Assembly[edit]

Democratic Progressive Party1,293,79726.0462+11
Malawi Congress Party1,108,73522.3255+7
United Transformation Movement491,8459.904New
United Democratic Front227,3354.5810–4
People's Party121,0722.445–21
Alliance for Democracy24,2120.4910
Other parties40,2090.8100
Valid votes4,967,77497.97
Invalid/blank votes103,1742.03
Total votes5,070,948100.00
Registered voters/turnout6,859,57073.93
Source: Maravi Post, MEC

2020 Malawian presidential election[edit]

Presidential elections were held in Malawi on 23 June 2020, having originally been scheduled for 19 May and later 2 July.[4] The result of the re-run elections was a victory for Lazarus Chakwera of the Malawi Congress Party, who defeated Mutharika by margin of 59% to 40%.

CandidateRunning matePartyVotes%
Lazarus ChakweraSaulos ChilimaMalawi Congress Party2,604,04359.34
Peter MutharikaAtupele MuluziDemocratic Progressive Party1,751,87739.92
Peter KuwaniArchibald Kalawang'omaMbakuwaku Movement for Development32,4560.74
Valid votes4,388,37698.71
Invalid/blank votes57,3231.29
Total votes4,445,699100.00
Registered voters/turnout6,859,57064.81
Source: Malawi Electoral Commission

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