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Elections in Martinique gives information on election and election results in Martinique.

Martinique elects on regional/départemental level a legislature. The legislature consists out of two councils with diverging powers. The Regional Council (Conseil régional) has 41 members, elected for a four-year term by proportional representation. The General Council (Conseil général) has members elected for a six-year term in single seat-constituencies. Martinique has a multi-party system, with numerous parties in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments.

Last elections[edit]

2004 Regional Elections[edit]

Candidate Party Votes (Round One) % (Round One) Votes (Round Two) % (Round Two)
  Alfred Marie-Jeanne MIM 46,006 37.28% 74,860 53.76%
  Madeleine de Grandmaison PPM 21,232 17.20% 43,170 31.00%
  Pierre Samont BPM-FSM-MPF 19,994 16.20% - -
  Miguel Laventure UDF (FMP) 17,177 13.92% 21,227 15.24%
  Pierre Petit UMP 8,367 6.78% - -
  Jean Crusol Miscellaneous left-wing 5,864 4.75% - -
  Ghislaine Joachim-Arnaud Combat Ouvrier-LO 3,866 3.13% - -
  Max Auguste Dufrénot Divers 900 0.73% - -
Total 123,406 100.00% 139,257 100.00%


Party seats
Martinican Independence Movement 28
Martinican Progressive Party 9

Past elections[edit]

1998 Regional Elections[edit]

Party seats
Martinican Independence Movement 13
Rally for the Republic 7
Martinican Progressive Party 7
Build the Martinique Country 4
Martinican Socialist Federation 3
Miscellaneous Right 1

1992 Regional Elections[edit]

Party seats
Rally for the Republic-Union for French Democracy 16
Martinican Progressive Party 9
Miscellaneous 9
Martinique Communist Party 4
Martinican Socialist Federation 3

1986 Regional Elections[edit]

Party seats
Martinican Socialist Federation 21
Rally for the Republic 11
Union for French Democracy 9

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