Elections and parties in Norfolk Island

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Norfolk Island elects on territorial level a legislature. The Norfolk Legislative Assembly has 9 members, elected for a three-year term. The only political party on Norfolk Island is the Norfolk Island Labor Party, which is led by Assembly member Mike King.[1]

e • d Summary of the 21 March 2007 Norfolk Legislative Assembly election results
Members Seats
Non-partisans 9
Total 9

At the election on 17 March 2010 the following residents were elected to the 13th Assembly:[2]

  • Tim Sheridan (934 votes)
  • Craig Anderson (813 votes)
  • Andre Nobbs (717 votes)
  • David Buffett (576 votes)
  • Melissa Ward (554 votes)
  • Michael King (545 votes)
  • Lisle Snell (472 votes)
  • Rhonda Griffiths (459 votes)
  • Robin Adams (452 votes)

The current Chief Minister is Lisle Snell. The current Administrator is Neil Pope.


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