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Elections in Pasadena, Texas are held its city general elections on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November (better known as Election Day) in even-numbered years. As a result of this, general elections in Pasadena, Texas systematically coincide with the biennial elections for the United States House of Representatives.

During general elections in Pasadena, Texas, elections are held for the positions of council members. Officials elected to this office are elected for a term of two years by each district. The mayor is elected at large for a four-year term.

For more information about the structure of Pasadena, Texas's city government, see Government of Pasadena, Texas.


The next election is scheduled for May 14, 2011.[1]

Election of 2005[edit]

In April 2005, John Manlove was re-elected to his second term as Mayor of Pasadena. He faced District A Councilmember Jerri Neely who received about 45% of the vote to Manlove's 55%.

Election of 2007[edit]

On October 1, 2007 Mayor John Manlove resigned the office of Mayor of Pasadena to seek the Republican nomination for Texas' 22nd Congressional Seat, formerly held by Tom DeLay. Due to Manlove's sudden resignation, Mayor Pro Tem Jack Douglass was sworn in as Mayor of Pasadena on October 2, 2007, at the City Council Meeting.

Manlove's resignation drew interest by seven candidates who sought to finish his term. Among them were former Mayor Johnny Isbell, District A Councilmember Ralph Riggs, Former mayoral candidate and former District A councilmember Jerri Neely, District C Councilmember Don Harrison, Former Councilmember OL Harris, and newcomers A.J. Christ and David Stroder. The special election was called for December 8, 2007.

On December 8, 2007, Johnny Isbell received 43.98% of the vote and Ralph Riggs received 22.28% of the vote. Jerri Neely finished third at 15.86% of the vote. Since Isbell did not reach the 50% threshold needed, a runoff between Isbell and Riggs occurred on January 19, 2008. Isbell outspent Riggs by about a 6 - 1 margin (upwards a couple hundred thousand), in what included a television commercial advertisement, the first in Pasadena History.[citation needed] On January 19, Isbell won by 377 votes. Isbell received 52% of the vote to Riggs' 48% of the vote.

Election 2009[edit]

The next election is scheduled for May 9, 2009.[citation needed]

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