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Map of electoral districts in the Cayman Islands

Elections in the Cayman Islands gives information on election and election results in the Cayman Islands. An election is a process in which a vote is held to elect candidates to an office. It is the mechanism by which a democracy fills elective offices in the legislature, and sometimes the executive and judiciary, and in which electorates choose local government officials.

The Cayman Islands elect on territorial level a legislature. The Legislative Assembly has 20 members, 18 elected members for a four-year term in 18 single member constituencies elected by first past the post and 2 members ex officio.

In the 2000 elections, with a turnout of 80% only non-partisans were elected. After the election members of parliament formed the United Democratic Party. The Cayman Islands had a no-party system, but it evolved into a two-party system, the opposition United Democratic Party and the current ruling People's Progressive Movement party.

Latest election[edit]

e • d Summary of the 22 May 2013 Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly election results
Party Votes % Seats +/–
People's Progressive Movement 21,859 36.1 9 +4
United Democratic Party 16,816 27.8 3 –6
Coalition for Cayman 11,275 18.6 3 New
People's National Alliance 3,436 5.7 1 New
Independents 7,212 11.9 2 +1
Total votes cast 60,598 100 18 +3
Total voters 14,760
Registered voters/turnout 18,492 79.82

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