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The Electoral Affairs Commission of Hong Kong is an independent, apolitical and impartial body established under the Electoral Affairs Commission Ordinance. Its main functions include considering or reviewing the boundaries of Legislative Council geographical constituencies and constituencies of the 18 District Councils for the purpose of making recommendations, and overseeing the conduct and supervision of elections and regulating the procedures at an election. It is also responsible for supervision of the registration of electors and the promotional activities relating to registration.

In 1997, the EAC succeeded the former Boundary and Election Commission (Traditional Chinese: 選區分界及選舉事務委員會), which was established on 23 July 1993. It is headed by a chairman, a position which has always been filled a High Court (formerly known as Supreme Court) judge. The executive body that is responsible for elections is the Registration and Electoral Office, which reports to the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs (the Secretary for Constitutional Affairs before 1 July 2007).

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