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The Election Compass is a voting advice website. Visitors can use the application to discover their position in the political landscape for upcoming elections. Electoral Compass was officially established[1] at the VU Amsterdam on October 23, 2007.

Users are asked to give an opinion on 30 propositions, clustered within several issues. The result appears in a spectrum, as a pencil point, between the different political parties or candidates. Visitors can further analyse their political preferences by clicking on the various issues, after which they can compare their position on these different topics with the candidates or parties.[2]

Election Compass USA[edit]

Election Compass USA,[3] developed in cooperation with the Wall Street Journal, was presented on January 2, 2008. Election Compass USA provides information about the 2008 US presidential elections. Within 3 weeks 1 million people visited Election Compass USA. At the end of the campaign, up to 3.8 million people used the website to obtain information about the candidates.

Israel Election Compass[edit]

In collaboration with the Israel Democracy Institute a compass was developed for the Israeli Knesset elections of 2009. Over 40.000 voters visited the website in the first hour after launch alone.[4] Around election day, a total number of 600.000 people visited the compass.

EU Profiler[edit]

Together with the European University Institute and the Swiss Smartvote, Election Compass created the EU Profiler, a voting advice website for the European Parliament election in 2009.

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