Electoral district of Argyle

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For the Canadian district, see Argyle (electoral district).

Argyle was an electoral district for the Legislative Assembly in the Australian State of New South Wales from 1856 to 1904, including Argyle County surrounding Goulburn. The town of Goulburn was in Southern Boroughs from 1856 to 1859 and then Goulburn.

It elected two members simultaneously between 1880 and 1894, with voters casting two votes and the first two candidates being elected.

Members for Argyle[edit]

Single-member (1856–1880)
Member Party Term
  John Plunkett None 1856–1857
  Daniel Deniehy None 1857–1859
  Terence Aubrey Murray None 1859–1862
  Samuel Emmanuel None 1862–1864
  Phillip Dignam None 1864–1869
  Edward Butler None 1869–1877
  William Davies None 1877–1880
Two members (1880–1894)
Member Party Term Member Party Term
  William Holborow None 1880–1887   Phillip Myers None 1880–1881
  John Gannon None 1881–1885
  Henry Parkes None 1885–1885
  Francis Tait None 1885–1887
  Free Trade 1887–1894   Edward Ball Free Trade 1887–1891
  Thomas Rose Protectionist 1891–1894
Single-member (1894–1904)
Member Party Term
  Thomas Rose Protectionist 1894–1901
  Progressive 1901–1904