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New South WalesLegislative Assembly
NSW Electoral District 2019 - Balmain.png
Location within Sydney
StateNew South Wales
Created1885, 2007
Abolished1894, 1991
MPJamie Parker
NamesakeBalmain, New South Wales
Electors57,741 (2019)
Area16.15 km2 (6.2 sq mi)
DemographicInner Metropolitan
Electorates around Balmain:
Drummoyne Lane Cove North Shore
Summer Hill
Balmain Sydney
Summer Hill Newtown Newtown
Matthews' ALP supporters. Photograph by Sam Hood taken about 1934

Balmain is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly of the Australian state of New South Wales in Sydney's Inner West. It is currently represented by Jamie Parker of the Greens New South Wales.

Balmain includes the suburbs and localities of Annandale, Balmain, Balmain East, Birchgrove, Forest Lodge, Glebe, Glebe Island, Leichhardt, Lilyfield, Rozelle, White Bay and parts of Camperdown and Ultimo.[1]


Balmain was established in 1880 and from 1882, it elected two members, from 1885 it elected three members and from 1889 until 1894 it elected four members simultaneously. Voters cast a vote for each vacancy and the leading candidates were elected. In 1894 it was split into Balmain North, Balmain South, Annandale and Leichhardt, each electing one member. In 1904 with the downsizing of the Assembly after Federation, Balmain North and part of Balmain South were combined into a single electorate, electing one member. In 1920, parts of the electoral districts of Balmain, Annandale, Camperdown, Darling Harbour, Glebe and Rozelle were combined to create a new incarnation of Balmain, which elected five members by proportional representation. This was replaced by single member electorates of Balmain, Annandale, Glebe and Rozelle for the 1927 election. Balmain was abolished in 1991, being replaced by Port Jackson. It was recreated for the 2007 election, largely replacing the abolished district of Port Jackson.

Historically, Balmain has been a working-class seat and very safe for Labor—at the 1978 election, Labor won an 84.2 percent two-party vote. However, as with several inner-city seats, demographic change and the rise of the Greens has seen a strong Green vote in Balmain since the party first contested the seat from the seat's recreation at the 2007 election. Following the 2019 election, it is considered a safe Greens seat.

Members for Balmain[edit]

First incarnation (1880–1882, 1 member)
Member Party Term
  Jacob Garrard None 1880–1882
(1882–1885, 2 members)
Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Jacob Garrard None 1882–1885   William Hutchinson None 1882–1885
(1885–1889, 3 members)
Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Jacob Garrard None 1885–1887   Solomon Hyam None 1885–1887   John Hawthorne None 1885–1887
  Free Trade 1887–1889   Frank Smith Free Trade 1887–1889   Free Trade 1887–1889
(1889–1894, 4 members)
Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Jacob Garrard Free Trade 1889–1891   Frank Smith Free Trade 1889–1891   John Hawthorne Free Trade 1889–1891   George Clubb Free Trade 1889–1891
  George Clark Labour 1891–1891   Edward Darnley Labour 1891–1894   James Johnston Labour 1891–1894   William Murphy Labour 1891–1894
  Free Trade 1891–1894
Second incarnation (1904–1920, 1 member)
Member Party Term
  Walter Anderson Liberal Reform 1904–1907
  John Storey Labor 1907–1920
(1920–1927, 5 members)
Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term
  John Storey Labor 1920–1921   John Doyle Labor 1920–1922   Robert Stuart-Robertson Labor 1920–1927   John Quirk Labor 1920–1927   Albert Smith Nationalist 1920–1922
  Tom Keegan Labor 1921–1927
  Robert Stopford Nationalist 1922–1925   Albert Lane Nationalist 1922–1927
  H. V. Evatt Labor 1925–1927
(1927–1991, 1 member)
Member Party Term
  H. V. Evatt Independent Labor 1927–1930
  John Quirk Labor 1930–1938
  Mary Quirk Labor 1939–1940
  Labor (N-C) 1940–1941
  Labor 1941–1950
  Independent Labor 1950–1950
  John McMahon Labor 1950–1968
  Roger Degen Labor 1968–1984
  Peter Crawford Labor 1984–1988
  Dawn Fraser Independent 1988–1991
Third incarnation (2007–present, 1 member)
Member Party Term
  Verity Firth Labor 2007–2011
  Jamie Parker Greens 2011–present

Election results[edit]

2019 New South Wales state election: Balmain[2][3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Greens Jamie Parker 21,065 42.73 +5.34
Labor Elly Howse 14,227 28.86 −2.94
Liberal Wenjie (Ben) Zhang 9,875 20.03 −4.85
Keep Sydney Open Emilia Leonetti 2,268 4.60 +4.60
Animal Justice Anita Finlayson 1,103 2.24 +0.29
Sustainable Australia Angela Dunnett 761 1.54 +1.54
Total formal votes 49,299 98.44 +0.52
Informal votes 781 1.56 −0.52
Turnout 50,080 86.73 −1.60
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Elly Howse 28,127 70.45 +4.70
Liberal Wenjie (Ben) Zhang 11,795 29.55 −4.70
Two-candidate-preferred result
Greens Jamie Parker 24,074 60.02 +5.29
Labor Elly Howse 16,037 39.98 −5.29
Greens hold Swing +5.29


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