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South AustraliaHouse of Assembly
StateSouth Australia
Dates current1857–1938, 1956–1970
NamesakeBarossa Valley
Coordinates34°32′S 138°57′E / 34.533°S 138.950°E / -34.533; 138.950Coordinates: 34°32′S 138°57′E / 34.533°S 138.950°E / -34.533; 138.950

Barossa was an electoral district of the House of Assembly in the colony (Australian state from 1901) of South Australia from 1857 to 1938 and again from 1956 to 1970.[1] Barossa was also the name of an electoral district of the unicameral South Australian Legislative Council from 1851 until its abolition in 1857, George Fife Angas being the member.[1]

Despite Labor not even contesting the seat at the 1962 election, Barossa was one of two 1965 election gains that put Labor in government after decades of the Playmander in opposition. Labor's Molly Byrne retained Barossa at the 1968 election however the seat was abolished prior to the 1970 election. Byrne successfully moved to the new seat of Tea Tree Gully.

The Barossa Valley region is currently a safe Liberal area and is located in the safe Liberal seat of Schubert.


Two members (1857–1901)
Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Walter Duffield 1857–1868   Horace Dean 1857–1857
  William Bakewell 1857–1860
  Edward Grundy 1860–1862
  Joseph Barritt 1862–1864
  John Williams 1864–1865
  James Martin 1865–1868
  Richard Baker 1868–1871   Philip Santo 1868–1870
  Walter Duffield 1870–1871
  John Howard Angas 1871–1876   J. A. T. Lake 1871–1875
  Johann Sudholz 1875–1875
  John Dunn Jr. 1875–1878
  Martin Basedow 1876–1890
  John Downer 1878–1891
  James Hague 1890–1891
  Defence League 1891–1896   Defence League 1891–1896
  1896–1902   National League 1896–1901
  Ephraim Coombe Labor 1901–1902
Three members (1902–1938)
Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Richard Butler 1902–1904   Ephraim Coombe 1902–1906   William Gilbert National League 1902–1906
  Farmers and Producers 1904–1910
    Liberal and Democratic 1906–1910   Samuel Rudall Liberal and Democratic 1906–1910
  Liberal Union 1910–1923   Independent 1910–1912   Liberal Union 1910–1915
  William Hague Liberal Union 1912–1923  
  Ephraim Coombe Labor 1915–1917
  Henry Crosby Liberal Union 1917–1924
  Liberal Federation 1923–1924   Liberal Federation 1923–1924   Liberal Federation 1923–1924
  George Cooke Labor 1924–1931   Leonard Hopkins Labor 1924–1927
  Henry Crosby Liberal Federation 1924–1930
  Herbert Basedow Independent 1927–1930
  Thomas Edwards Labor 1930–1931   Leonard Hopkins Labor 1930–1931
  Parliamentary Labor 1931–1933   Parliamentary Labor 1931–1933   Parliamentary Labor 1931–1933
  Herbert Lyons Liberal and Country 1933–1938   Henry Crosby Liberal and Country 1933–1938   Herbert Basedow Independent 1933–1933
  Reginald Rudall Liberal and Country 1933–1938
Second incarnation (1956–1970)
Member Party Term
  Condor Laucke Liberal and Country 1956–1965
  Molly Byrne Labor 1965–1970


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