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Brisbane North
QueenslandLegislative Assembly

Brisbane North was an electoral district which elected two members to the Legislative Assembly of Queensland in the Australian state of Queensland from 1888 until 1912. It replaced the electoral district of North Brisbane.

Following the Electoral Districts Act 1910, which attempted to apply one vote one value to Queensland electorates, Brisbane North was split into the seats of Brisbane and Paddington.

Members for Brisbane North[edit]

Member 1 Party Term Member 2 Party Term
  Samuel Griffith Liberal 1888–1890   Thomas McIlwraith Conservative 1888–1890
  Ministerialist 1890–1893   Ministerialist 1890–1896
  John James Kingsbury Ministerialist 1893–1896
  Robert Fraser Ministerialist 1896–1899   Thomas MacDonald-Paterson Ministerialist 1896–1901
  Edward Barrow Forrest Ministerialist 1899–1903
  John Cameron Conservative 1901–1908
  Conservative 1903–1909
  Edward Barton Kidstonites 1908–1909
  Liberal 1909–1912   Edward Macartney Liberal 1909–1911
  Thomas Welsby Liberal 1911–1912

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