Electoral district of Burra Burra

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Burra Burra
South AustraliaHouse of Assembly
StateSouth Australia
NamesakeBurra, South Australia

Burra Burra was an electoral district of the House of Assembly in the Australian state of South Australia from 1902 to 1938.[1]

After a boundary redistribution in 1902, the Electoral district of Burra was abolished and the new district of Burra Burra was created.[2]

The town of Burra is currently located in the safe Liberal seat of Stuart.


Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Laurence O'Loughlin 1902–1904   William Miller 1902–1904   Ben Rounsevell 1902–1906
  Farmers and Producers 1904–1910   Farmers and Producers 1904–1910
  John Newland Labor 1906–1912
  Liberal Union 1910–1918   Liberal Union 1910–1918
  Robert Homburg Jr. Liberal Union 1912–1915
  John Pick Liberal Union 1915–1918
  Farmers and Settlers 1918–1918   Farmers and Settlers 1918–1918   Farmers and Settlers 1918–1918
  George Jenkins Liberal Union 1918–1923   Harry Buxton Labor 1918–1921   Mick O'Halloran Labor 1918–1921
  Thomas Hawke Country 1921–1924   Samuel Dickson Liberal Union 1921–1923
  Liberal Federation 1923–1924   Liberal Federation 1923–1924
  Albert Hawke Labor 1924–1927   Sydney McHugh Labor 1924–1927   Mick O'Halloran Labor 1924–1927
  George Jenkins Liberal Federation 1927–1930   Reginald Carter Country 1927–1928   Francis Jettner Liberal Federation 1927–1930
  Liberal Federation 1928–1930
  Even George Labor 1930–1931   Sydney McHugh Labor 1930–1931   Jack Critchley Labor 1930–1931
  Parliamentary Labor 1931–1933   Parliamentary Labor 1931–1933   Parliamentary Labor 1931–1933
  George Jenkins Liberal and Country 1933–1938   Archibald McDonald Liberal and Country 1933–1938   Alexander Melrose Liberal and Country 1933–1938


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Coordinates: 32°58′S 138°50′E / 32.967°S 138.833°E / -32.967; 138.833