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New South WalesLegislative Assembly
NSW Electoral District 2019 - Canterbury.png
Location within Sydney
StateNew South Wales
Dates current1859–1920, 1927–present
MPSophie Cotsis
PartyLabor Party
Electors57,164 (2019)
Area18 km2 (6.9 sq mi)
DemographicInner Metropolitan
Electorates around Canterbury:
Lakemba Strathfield Summer Hill
Lakemba Canterbury Heffron
Oatley Kogarah Rockdale

Canterbury is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales, currently represented by Sophie Cotsis of the Labor Party.[1]

Canterbury includes the suburbs of Campsie, Canterbury, Clemton Park, Earlwood, Hurlstone Park, Undercliffe and parts of Ashbury, Belfield, Belmore, Beverly Hills, Kingsgrove and Roselands.[2]


Canterbury was created in 1859, replacing part of Cumberland (South Riding), named after and including the then town, now Sydney suburb, of Canterbury. It was bordered on the east by Glebe and Newtown, and from 1880, Balmain and Redfern and stretched in the north to Drummoyne and Rhodes, south to Georges River and west to a line between Salt Pan Creek and Homebush Bay. It was a multi-member electorate, electing two members until 1882 and then four members until the abolition of multi-member electorates in 1894, when it was split into Canterbury, Ashfield, Burwood, Petersham and St George. It was abolished in 1920, with the introduction of proportional representation and absorbed into St George. It was recreated in 1927, and has been held by Labor for all but one term since. In recent decades it has become one of Labor's safest seats.

Members for Canterbury[edit]

First incarnation (1859–1882, 2 members)
Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Edward Flood None 1859–1860   Samuel Lyons None 1859–1860
  John Lucas None 1860–1865   Edward Raper None 1860–1864
    James Oatley None 1864–1869
  James Pemell None 1865–1868  
  Richard Hill None 1868–1877  
    Montagu Stephen None 1869–1870
    John Lucas None 1871–1880
  Henry Parkes None 1877–1880
  William Pigott None 1880–1882   William Henson None 1880–1882
First incarnation (1882–1885, 3 members)
Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term
  William Pigott None 1882–1884   Henry Moses None 1882–1885   Septimus Stephen None 1882–1885
  Mark Hammond None 1884–1885
    William Henson None 1885–1885
First incarnation (1885–1894, 4 members)
Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Mark Hammond None 1885–1887   William Henson None 1885–1887   Septimus Stephen None 1885–1887   William Judd None 1885–1887
  William Davis Free Trade 1887–1889   Free Trade 1887–1889   Alexander Hutchison Free Trade 1887–1891   Joseph Carruthers Free Trade 1887–1894
  James Wilshire Free Trade 1889–1891   John Wheeler Free Trade 1889–1891
  Cornelius Danahey Labour 1891–1894   James Eve Free Trade 1891–1894   Thomas Bavister Labour 1891–1894
First incarnation (1894–1920, 1 member)
Member Party Term
  Varney Parkes Free Trade 1894–1900
  Sydney Smith Free Trade 1900–1900
  Thomas Taylor Independent 1900–1901
  Thomas Mackenzie Liberal Reform 1901–1907
  Varney Parkes Independent Liberal 1907–1907
  Liberal Reform 1907–1913
  Henry Peters Labour 1913–1914
  George Cann Labor 1914–1920
Second incarnation (1927–present, 1 member)
Member Party Term
  Arthur Tonge Labor 1927–1932
  Edward Hocking United Australia 1932–1935
  Arthur Tonge Labor 1935–1962
  Kevin Stewart Labor 1962–1985
  Kevin Moss Labor 1986–2003
  Linda Burney Labor 2003–2016
  Sophie Cotsis Labor 2016–present

Election results[edit]

2019 New South Wales state election: Canterbury[3][4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labor Sophie Cotsis 24,674 50.61 +0.37
Liberal Matt Harrison 15,376 31.54 +4.54
Greens Linda Eisler 6,146 12.61 +2.93
Christian Democrats Fatima Figueira 2,560 5.25 −4.94
Total formal votes 48,756 95.59 +0.38
Informal votes 2,247 4.41 −0.38
Turnout 51,003 89.22 −0.46
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Sophie Cotsis 28,358 63.03 −2.66
Liberal Matt Harrison 16,634 36.97 +2.66
Labor hold Swing −2.66


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