Electoral district of City of Adelaide

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City of Adelaide
South AustraliaHouse of Assembly
StateSouth Australia
NamesakeCity of Adelaide

City of Adelaide was an electoral district of the South Australian House of Assembly, the lower house of the bicameral legislature of the then colony of South Australia.[1]

City of Adelaide was one of the original districts of the first Assembly created in 1857; it was abolished in 1862, when the new East Adelaide and West Adelaide districts were created, each with two members.[1]


Member Term Member Term Member Term Member Term Member Term Member Term
Robert Torrens 1857–1858 Richard Hanson 1857–1861 Francis Dutton 1857–1860 B. T. Finniss 1857–1860 J. B. Neales 1857–1860 W. H. Burford 1857–1859
J. M. Solomon 1858–1860
William Owen 1859–1860
Thomas Reynolds 1860–1862 Matthew Moorhouse 1860–1862 Philip Santo 1860–1862 Samuel Bakewell 1860–1862 William Parkin 1860–1862
James Boucaut 1861–1862


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Coordinates: 34°55′44″S 138°36′4″E / 34.92889°S 138.60111°E / -34.92889; 138.60111