Electoral district of Gumeracha

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South AustraliaHouse of Assembly
State South Australia
Dates current 1857–1902, 1938–1970
Namesake Gumeracha, South Australia
Demographic Rural
Coordinates 34°50′S 138°53′E / 34.833°S 138.883°E / -34.833; 138.883Coordinates: 34°50′S 138°53′E / 34.833°S 138.883°E / -34.833; 138.883

Gumeracha was an electoral district of the House of Assembly in the Australian state of South Australia from 1857 to 1902 and again from 1938 to 1970.[1]

Gumeracha's most historic MPs were Thomas Playford II and Thomas Playford IV. IV served continuously as Premier of South Australia from 5 November 1938 to 10 March 1965, the longest term of any elected government leader in the history of Australia, albeit with the assistance of the Playmander.

The town of Gumeracha is currently represented by the safe Liberal seat of Morialta, having previously been in Kavel.


First incarnation (1857–1902)
Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Arthur Blyth 1857–1868   Alexander Hay 1857–1861
  Alexander Murray 1862–1867
  Alexander Hay 1867–1870
  William Sandover 1868–1870  
  Arthur Blyth 1870–1875   Ebenezer Ward 1870–1880
  Frederick Hannaford 1875–1878
  William Haines 1878–1884  
  John Rounsevell 1880–1881
  Samuel Tomkinson 1881–1884
  Robert Homburg 1884–1891   Robert Ross 1884–1887
  John Stirling 1888–1890
  Theodore Hack 1890–1893
  Defence League 1891–1896   William Randell Defence League 1893–1896
  Charles Willcox Defence League 1896–1896
  1896–1902   William Randell 1896–1899
  Thomas Playford II 1899–1901
  William Jamieson National League 1901–1902
Second incarnation (1938–1970)
Member Party Term
  Thomas Playford IV Liberal and Country 1938–1968
  Bryant Giles Liberal and Country 1968–1970


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