Electoral district of Hobart Town

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The Electoral district of Hobart Town was a multi-member electoral district of the Tasmanian House of Assembly. It was based in Tasmania's capital city, Hobart, and its suburbs.

The seat was created as a five-member seat ahead of the Assembly's first election held in 1856, and was abolished at the 1871 election, when it was divided up into the seats of Central, East, North, South and West Hobart.

The seat was later recombined in 1897 as the seat of Hobart.

Members for Hobart Town[edit]

Member 1 Term Member 2 Term Member 3 Term Member 4 Term Member 5 Term
Thomas Chapman 1856–1861 Maxwell Miller 1856–1861 Francis Smith 1856–1857 Robert Nutt 1856–1859 James Dunn 1856–1861
William Boys 1857–1861 Robert Adams 1859–1861
John Davies 1861–1861 William Dobson 1861–1862 Thomas Horne 1861–1866 Samuel Hill 1861–1861 Douglas Kilburn 1861–1862
Charles Meredith 1861–1862 Robert Adams 1861–1866
William Race Allison 1862–1865 Maxwell Miller 1862–1864 D'Arcy Haggitt 1862–1864
Charles Cansdell 1865–1866 Charles Degraves 1864–1866 John Lord 1864–1866
William Crowther 1866–1866 Thomas Chapman 1866–1866 Robert Miller 1866–1867 Hugh Barrett 1866–1871 George Salier 1866–1869
Josiah Pratt 1867–1870 John Lord 1867–1871 Charles Cansdell 1867–1869
George Salier 1870–1871 Henry Cook 1869–1871 Russell Young 1871–1871 William Giblin 1869–1871