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Illawarra was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales. It was originally created in 1859, replacing East Camden. It was replaced by Wollongong in 1904 and recreated in 1927. In 1968, it was abolished and partly replaced by Kembla. In 1971, Kembla was abolished and Illawarra was recreated. In 2007, it was abolished and replaced by Shellharbour.

Members for Illawarra[edit]

Single-member (1859—1904)
Member Party Term
  John Hargrave None 1859–1859
  Samuel Gordon None 1859–1860
  Robert Haworth None 1860–1864
  Patrick Osborne None 1864–1866
  John Stewart None 1866–1869
  James Osborne None 1869–1872
  William Forster None 1872–1874
  Samuel Gray None 1874–1880
  Alexander Stuart None 1880–1885
  Andrew Lysaght, Sr. None 1885–1887
  Francis Woodward Free Trade 1887–1889
Two members (1889—1894)
Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Francis Woodward Free Trade 1889–1891   Joseph Mitchell Free Trade 1889–1891
  Andrew Lysaght, Sr. Protectionist 1891–1891   John Nicholson Labor 1891–1894
  Archibald Campbell Free Trade 1891–1894
Single-member (1894—1904)
Member Party Term
  Archibald Campbell Free Trade 1894–1901
  Liberal Reform 1901–1903
  Edward Allen Liberal Reform 1904–1904
Single-member (1927—1968)
Member Party Term
  Andrew Lysaght, Jr. Labor 1927–1930
  Billy Davies Labor 1930–1941
  Howard Fowles Labor 1941–1968
Single-member (1971—2007)
Member Party Term
  George Petersen Labor 1971–1987
  Illawarra Workers 1987–1988
  Terry Rumble Labor 1988–1999
  Marianne Saliba Labor 1999–2007

Election results[edit]