Electoral district of Kingborough

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The Electoral district of Kingborough was an electoral district of the Tasmanian House of Assembly. It was based in the region to the immediate south of Tasmania's capital city, Hobart, and included the Huon Valley towns of Cygnet, Huonville, Kettering, Margate and Sandfly.

The seat was created as a single-member seat ahead of the Assembly's first election held in 1856. In 1886, it became a two-member seat and absorbed the neighbouring seat of Queenborough, whose member, Edward Crowther, was to win one of the seats at each of the three elections held under this system. At the 1897 election, Queenborough was recreated and Kingborough returned to being a single-member seat. It was abolished when the Tasmanian parliament adopted the Hare-Clark electoral model for the entire state in 1909.

Members for Kingborough[edit]

Single member 1856–1886
Member Term
Alfred Nicholas 1856–1859
Frederick Lipscombe 1859–1861
John Perkins 1861–1866
Charles Meredith 1866–1871
Christopher O'Reilly 1871–1883
Richard Lucas 1883–1886
Two members 1886–1897
Richard Lucas 1886–1887 Edward Crowther 1886–1897
Henry Gill 1887–1897
Single-member 1897–1909
Member Party Term
  John Evans Ministerial 1897–1909