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Lachlan was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales. During the first two Parliaments (1856–1859), there was an electorate in the same area called Lachlan and Lower Darling, named after the Lachlan and Darling Rivers. Lachlan was created in 1859 and abolished in 1880, partly replaced by Forbes. In 1894 Forbes was abolished and Lachlan was recreated. In 1920 Lachlan and Ashburnham were absorbed into Murrumbidgee and elected three members under proportional representation. At the end of proportional representation in 1927, Lachlan was recreated. It was abolished in 1950, recreated in 1981 and abolished in 2007. The abolition of Lachlan for the 2007 election prompted its member, former Deputy Premier Ian Armstrong to retire at that election rather than seek the option of remaining in Parliament by contesting another seat.

Members for Lachlan[edit]

First incarnation (1859–1880)
Member Party Term
  John Ryan None 1859–1864
  James Martin None 1864–1869
  James Watson None 1869–1880
Second incarnation (1894–1920)
Member Party Term
  James Carroll Independent Protectionist 1894–1895
  Protectionist 1895–1901
  Progressive 1901–1904
  Andrew Kelly Labor 1904–1913
  Thomas Brown Labor 1913–1917
  Ernest Buttenshaw Nationalist 1917–1920
Third incarnation (1927–1950)
Member Party Term
  Ernest Buttenshaw Country 1927–1938
  Griffith Evans Country 1938–1943
  John Chanter Labor 1943–1947
  Robert Medcalf Country 1947–1950
Fourth incarnation (1981–2007)
Member Party Term
  Ian Armstrong National 1981–2007

Election results[edit]