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QueenslandLegislative Assembly
Electoral map of Mackay 2017
MPJulieanne Gilbert
Electors36,422 (2017)
Area205 km2 (79.2 sq mi)
Coordinates21°7′S 149°13′E / 21.117°S 149.217°E / -21.117; 149.217Coordinates: 21°7′S 149°13′E / 21.117°S 149.217°E / -21.117; 149.217
Electorates around Mackay:
Whitsunday Whitsunday Coral Sea
Whitsunday Mackay Coral Sea
Mirani Mirani Coral Sea
Electoral map of Mackay 2008

Mackay is a Legislative Assembly of Queensland electoral district in North Queensland, Australia, encompassing the inner suburbs of the city of Mackay. Outer suburbs of the city are included in the neighbouring electorates of Mirani and Whitsunday.

Mackay has been held by the Labor Party for all but five years since 1915, when it was won by William Forgan Smith, who served as Premier of Queensland from 1932 to 1942. He retired undefeated in 1942 and was replaced by long-serving backbencher Fred Graham. Graham retired in 1969, and was succeeded by Ed Casey. Casey went to lose Labor preselection in 1972, but recontested and won as an independent, and did so again in 1975 before being readmitted to the party in 1977. He subsequently served as Labor leader from 1978 to 1982, and later as a minister in the Goss Labor government. He was succeeded upon his retirement by Tim Mulherin, who was comfortably elected six more times, winning with more than 60% of the vote in 2006.

For the better part of a century, Mackay was a safe Labor seat, remaining in Labor hands even at the height of Joh Bjelke-Petersen's popularity. Aside from Casey's stint as an independent, the only time Labor's grip on the seat was seriously threatened before 2012 was in 1986, when Casey was reduced to 53 percent of the two-party vote. At the 2012 election it became the most marginal ALP seat with Mulherin winning 50.5% of the two-party preferred vote. Mulherin was elected deputy leader of what remained of Labor; it was reduced to only seven seats.

Mulherin retired in 2012, and the seat reverted to its traditional status as a safe Labor seat, with Julieanne Gilbert retaining the seat for Labor on a swing of 12 percent.

Members for Mackay[edit]

First incarnation (1878–1888, 1 member)
Member Party Term
  Francis Amhurst Unaligned 1878–1881
  Maurice Hume Black Unaligned 1881–1888
Second incarnation (1888–1912, 2 members)
Member Party Term
  Maurice Hume Black Unaligned 1888–1893
  David Dalrymple Ministerialist 1888–1904
  James Chataway Ministerialist 1893–1901
  Walter Paget Ministerialist/Opposition 1901–1912
  Albert Fudge Labor 1904–1907
  Edward Swayne Opposition 1907–1912
Third incarnation (1912–present, 1 member)
Member Party Term
  Walter Paget Ministerialist/Opposition 1912–1915
  William Forgan Smith Labor 1915–1942
  Fred Graham Labor 1943–1969
  Ed Casey Labor 1969–1972
  Independent 1972–1977
  Labor 1977–1995
  Tim Mulherin Labor 1995–2015
  Julieanne Gilbert Labor 2015–present

Election results[edit]

Queensland state election, 2017: Mackay[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labor Julieanne Gilbert 13,281 42.9 −0.2
Liberal National Nicole Batzloff 7,657 24.7 −4.0
One Nation Jeff Keioskie 7,009 22.6 +22.6
Greens Elliot Jennings 1,542 5.0 +0.2
Independent Martin McCann 1,459 4.7 +4.7
Total formal votes 30,948 95.5 −2.1
Informal votes 1,445 4.5 +2.1
Turnout 32,393 86.9 −2.6
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Julieanne Gilbert 18,054 58.3 −1.9
Liberal National Nicole Batzloff 12,894 41.7 +1.9
Labor hold Swing −1.9


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