Electoral district of Macleay

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Macleay was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales established in 1880 in the Macleay River area. Between 1889 and 1894, it elected two members with voters casting two votes and the two leading candidates being elected. In 1894, it was abolished, partly replaced by Raleigh. Under the spelling conventions of the time it was generally spelled M'Leay.

Members for Macleay[edit]

Single-member (1880–1889)
Member Party Term
  Robert Smith None 1880–1887
  Protectionist 1887–1889
Two members (1889–1894)
Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Otho Dangar Protectionist 1889–1893   Patrick Hogan Protectionist 1889–1894
  Francis Clarke Protectionist 1893–1894