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New South WalesLegislative Assembly
NSW Electoral District 2019 - Parramatta.png
Location within Sydney
StateNew South Wales
Dates current1856–present
MPGeoff Lee
PartyLiberal Party
Electors57,023 (2019)
Area36 km2 (13.9 sq mi)
Electorates around Parramatta:
Seven Hills Baulkham Hills Epping
Seven Hills
Parramatta Ryde
Granville Auburn

Parramatta is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales. It is currently held by Geoff Lee of the Liberal Party.

Parramatta is an urban electorate in Sydney's inner north-west, roughly analogous to the City of Parramatta, taking in the suburbs of Camellia, Carlingford, Dundas, Dundas Valley, Ermington, Granville, Harris Park, Melrose Park, North Parramatta, North Rocks, Oatlands, Parramatta, Rosehill, Rydalmere, Telopea and Westmead.[1]


Letter by Sir Thomas Bavin to the electors of Parramatta to support the candidature of General Lloyd in 1929.

Parramatta is the only electorate to have existed continuously since the first Legislative Assembly election in 1856. It elected two members simultaneously from 1856 to 1880. In 1920, it absorbed Granville and elected three members under proportional representation. In 1927, it was divided into the single-member electorates of Parramatta, Granville and Auburn.

For most of its single member history since 1927 and prior to 2011 Parramatta was a safe Labor Party seat. Prior to 2011 it was last held by the Liberals by John Books from 1988 to 1991. The Liberal Party had hopes of winning back the seat at the 1994 by-election when it was a marginal ALP seat but the ALP retained the seat with a huge swing towards it.

Labor went into the 2011 election holding the seat with a margin of 13.1 percent, but Liberal challenger Geoff Lee won it on a swing of 25.8 percent, turning it into a safe Liberal seat in one stroke. He was reelected in 2015, the first time in over 80 years that the Liberals (or their predecessors) have been reelected in the seat's single member incarnation.

Members for Parramatta[edit]

Two members (1856—1880)
Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Henry Parker None 1856–1857   George Oakes None 1856–1860
  James Byrnes None 1858–1861  
    John Lackey None 1860–1864
  Arthur Holroyd None 1861–1864
  James Byrnes None 1864–1872   James Farnell None 1864–1874
  Hugh Taylor None 1872–1880  
  Charles Byrnes None 1874–1877
  William Long None 1877–1880
Single-member (1880—1920)
Member Party Term
  Charles Byrnes None 1880–1882
  Hugh Taylor None 1882–1887
  Free Trade 1887–1894
  Dowell O'Reilly Ind. Free Trade 1894–1895
  Free Trade 1895–1898
  William Ferris Protectionist 1898–1901
  Tom Moxham Liberal Reform 1901–1916
  Albert Bruntnell Liberal Reform 1916–1917
  Nationalist 1917–1920
Three members (1920—1927)
Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Albert Bruntnell Nationalist 1920–1927   Bill Ely Labor 1920–1922   Jack Lang Labor 1920–1927
  Thomas Morrow Nationalist 1922–1925
  Bill Ely Labor 1925–1927
Single-member (1927—present)
Member Party Term
  Albert Bruntnell Nationalist 1927–1929
  Herbert Lloyd Nationalist 1929–1930
  Joseph Byrne Labor 1930–1932
  George Gollan United Australia 1932–1945
  Liberal 1945–1953
  Kevin Morgan Labor 1953–1956
  Jim Clough Liberal 1956–1959
  Dan Mahoney Labor 1959–1976
  Barry Wilde Labor 1976–1988
  John Books Liberal 1988–1991
  Andrew Ziolkowski Labor 1991–1994
  Gabrielle Harrison Labor 1994–2003
  Tanya Gadiel Labor 2003–2011
  Geoff Lee Liberal 2011–present

Election results[edit]

2019 New South Wales state election: Parramatta [2][3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Geoff Lee 26,322 54.02 +0.18
Labor Liz Scully 14,736 30.24 +1.49
Greens Phil Bradley 3,637 7.46 −0.92
Independent Michelle Garrard 1,955 4.01 +0.81
Keep Sydney Open Samuel Bellwood 1,023 2.10 +2.10
Sustainable Australia Jasmina Moltter 701 1.44 +1.44
Socialist Alliance Susan Price 354 0.73 +0.73
Total formal votes 48,728 96.78 +0.46
Informal votes 1,621 3.22 −0.46
Turnout 50,349 88.30 −1.03
Two-party-preferred result
Liberal Geoff Lee 27,330 60.65 −2.21
Labor Liz Scully 17,733 39.35 +2.21
Liberal hold Swing −2.21


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