Electoral district of Ryde

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New South WalesLegislative Assembly
Nsw electoral district ryde 2015.svg
Location within Sydney
State New South Wales
Dates current 1894–1904
MP Victor Dominello
Party Liberal Party of Australia
Area 28.23 km2 (10.9 sq mi)

Ryde is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales. It includes the suburbs and localities of Denistone, Denistone East, Denistone West, Macquarie Park, Marsfield, Meadowbank, Melrose Park, Ryde, North Ryde, West Ryde; and parts of Eastwood and Epping.

It is currently represented by Victor Dominello of the Liberal Party of Australia.


Ryde was created originally in 1894 with the abolition of multi-member districts, from part of Central Cumberland and named after and including Ryde. It was abolished in 1904 with the downsizing of the Legislative Assembly after Federation, but recreated in 1913. In 1920, the electoral districts of Ryde, Burwood, Drummoyne, Gordon and Willoughby were combined to create a new incarnation of Ryde, which elected five members by proportional representation. This was replaced by single member electorates, including Ryde, Burwood, Drummoyne, Eastwood, Gordon and Willoughby for the 1927 election. Ryde was abolished in 1968, being partly replaced by Fuller. In 1981, Fuller was abolished and replaced by a recreated Ryde and Gladesville. In 1991, Ryde was abolished again, but in 1999, Gladesville and Eastwood were abolished and largely replaced by a sixth incarnation of Ryde and Epping.[1]

In its previous incarnations, Ryde was a marginal seat that frequently traded hands between Labor and the conservative parties. In its current incarnation, Ryde was originally a safe Labor seat before a massive swing to the Liberals at a 2008 by-election made it a safe Liberal seat. Dominello currently holds it with a majority of 11.5 percent.

Members for Ryde[edit]

First incarnation (1894–1904, 1 member)
Member Party Term
  Frank Farnell Free Trade 1894–1898
  Edward Terry Independent Protectionist 1898–1901
  Frank Farnell Independent Liberal 1901–1903
  Edward Terry Independent Liberal 1904–1904
Second incarnation (1913–1920, 1 members)
Member Party Term
  William Thompson Liberal Reform 1913–1917
  Nationalist 1917–1920
Third incarnation (1920–1927, 5 members)
Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Edward Loxton Independent Nationalist 1920–1922   David Anderson Nationalist 1920–1927   Thomas Bavin Progressive 1920–1922   Sir Thomas Henley Nationalist 1920–1927   Robert Greig Labor 1920–1927
  Nationalist 1922–1925   Nationalist 1922–1927
  Edward Sanders Nationalist 1925–1927
Fourth incarnation (1927–1968, 1 member)
Member Party Term
  Henry McDicken Labor 1927–1930
  Evan Davies Labor 1930–1932
  Eric Spooner United Australia 1932–1940
  Arthur Williams Labor 1940–1941
  James Shand Independent UAP 1941–1944
  Eric Hearnshaw Liberal 1945–1950
  Ken Anderson Liberal 1950–1953
  Frank Downing Labor 1953–1968
Fifth incarnation (1981–1991, 1 member)
Member Party Term
  Garry McIlwaine Labor 1981–1988
  Michael Photios Liberal 1988–1991
Sixth incarnation (1999–present, 1 member)
Member Party Term
  John Watkins Labor 1999–2008
  Victor Dominello Liberal 2008–present

Election results[edit]

New South Wales state election, 2015: Ryde[2][3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Victor Dominello 25,950 53.7 −8.5
Labor Jerome Laxale 13,958 28.9 +11.7
Greens Justin Alick 5,548 11.5 +1.9
Christian Democrats Julie Worsley 2,034 4.2 +0.1
No Land Tax Joe Cacciotti 806 1.7 +1.7
Total formal votes 48,296 97.0 +0.1
Informal votes 1,512 3.0 −0.1
Turnout 49,808 91.3 +2.8
Two-party-preferred result
Liberal Victor Dominello 27,516 61.5 −13.7
Labor Jerome Laxale 17,215 38.5 +13.7
Liberal hold Swing −13.7


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