Electoral district of St Kilda

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St. Kilda
VictoriaLegislative Assembly
Electoral district of St Kilda 1859.png
Location within Greater Melbourne area, 1859
State Victoria
Created 1856
Abolished 1992
Demographic Metropolitan
Coordinates 37°52′S 144°59′E / 37.867°S 144.983°E / -37.867; 144.983Coordinates: 37°52′S 144°59′E / 37.867°S 144.983°E / -37.867; 144.983

The Electoral district of St. Kilda was one of the inaugural electoral districts of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, abolished on 2 October 1992.

St. Kilda was one of the initial districts created in the first Victorian Legislative Assembly, 1856.[1] It included an area south of the Yarra River and the then villages of St Kilda and Elsternwick.[2]

Members of St Kilda[edit]

Two members initially, one after the redistribution of 1889.

Member 1 Party Term Member 2 Party Term
  Thomas Fellows Unaligned 1856–1858   Frederick James Sargood Unaligned 1856–1857
  John Crews Unaligned 1858–1859   Henry Chapman Unaligned 1858–1859
  Sir Archibald Michie Unaligned 1859–1861   James Johnston Unaligned 1859–1864
  Kenric Brodribb Unaligned 1861–1864
  Sir Archibald Michie Unaligned 1864–1865   John Crews Unliagned 1864–1865
  Joshua Snowball Unaligned 1866–1867   Brice Bunny Unaligned 1866–1867
  Thomas Fellows Unaligned 1868–1872   Butler Aspinall Unaligned 1868–1870
  Robert Smith Unaligned 1873–1877   James Stephen Unaligned 1870–1874
  Godfrey Carter Unaligned 1877–1883   Edward Dixon Unaligned 1874–1880
  Sir Matthew Davies Unaligned 1883–1889   Joseph Harris Unaligned 1880–1889
  Sir George Turner Unaligned 1889–1901
  William Williams Liberal 1901–1902
  Robert McCutcheon Ministerialist/
Independent Liberal
  Agar Wynne Unaligned 1917–1920
  Frederic Eggleston Nationalist 1920–1927
  Burnett Gray Liberal 1927–1932
  Sir Archie Michaelis United Australia Party/
Liberal Party of Australia
  John Bourke Australian Labor Party 1952–1955
  Baron Snider Liberal Party of Australia 1955–1964
  Brian Dixon Liberal Party of Australia 1964–1982
  Andrew McCutcheon Australian Labor Party 1982–1992

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