Electoral district of Thuringowa

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QueenslandLegislative Assembly
Electoral map of Thuringowa 2017
State Queensland
MP Aaron Harper
Party Labor
Namesake City of Thuringowa
Electors 34,603 (2017)
Area 224 km2 (86.5 sq mi)
Coordinates 19°22′S 146°39′E / 19.367°S 146.650°E / -19.367; 146.650Coordinates: 19°22′S 146°39′E / 19.367°S 146.650°E / -19.367; 146.650
Electorates around Thuringowa:
Hinchinbrook Hinchinbrook Townsville
Hinchinbrook Thuringowa Mundingburra
Traeger Burdekin Burdekin
Electoral map of Thuringowa 2008

Thuringowa is an electorate in the Legislative Assembly of the state of Queensland, Australia.

The division encompasses suburbs of the former City of Thuringowa on the western edge of Townsville in North Queensland, stretching from Deeragun in the north to Kelso in the south. It includes the suburbs of Bushland Beach, Shaw, Thuringowa Central, Rasmussen, Condon and Kirwan.[1][2]

The Electorate is bordered by the Hinchinbrook (North and West), Burdekin (South), Mundingburra and Townsville (both East) Electorates.[3]


The Electoral district of Thuringowa was created relatively recently in 1986, mostly from the western section of the Townsville Electorate.[4]

Thuringowa Electorate was one of eleven State seats held by Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party from 1998, until it was returned to Labor in the 2001 landslide.

In 2004 the one term sitting member, Anita Phillips did not recontest, instead choosing to challenge Peter Lindsay (unsuccessfully) for the Federal Division of Herbert.[1]

Labor's Craig Wallace has held the seat since 2004.[1] In the 2006 election Thuringowa went against the statewide trend of a slight swing against Labor, Mr. Wallace achieved a swing towards Labor of 16.2% primary vote and 9.5% two party preferred.[5] Immediately after the election he was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for North Queensland,[6] and two months later was promoted to Cabinet as the new Minister for Natural Resources and Water and Minister Assisting the Premier in North Queensland when a Cabinet vacancy was created by the resignation of then Attorney-General Linda Lavarch in late October 2006.[7]

Members for Thuringowa[edit]

Member Party Term
  Ken McElligott Labor 1986–1998
  Ken Turner One Nation 1998–1999
  Independent 1999–2001
  Anita Phillips Labor 2001–2004
  Craig Wallace Labor 2004–2012
  Sam Cox Liberal National 2012–2015
  Aaron Harper Labor 2015–present

Election results[edit]

Queensland state election, 2017: Thuringowa[8]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labor Aaron Harper 9,394 32.2 −8.9
Liberal National Nick Martinez 6,191 21.2 −13.0
One Nation Mark Thornton 5,878 20.2 +14.3
Katter's Australian Terry Fox 4,546 15.6 +15.6
Greens Mike Rubenach 1,633 5.6 +1.3
Independent Stephen Lane 1,527 5.2 +5.2
Total formal votes 29,169 94.9 −2.5
Informal votes 1,572 5.1 +2.5
Turnout 30,741 86.8 −1.0
Two-candidate-preferred result
Labor Aaron Harper 15,795 54.1 −2.4
One Nation Mark Thornton 13,374 45.9 +45.9
Labor hold Swing −2.4


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