Electoral district of Town of Brisbane

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Town of Brisbane
QueenslandLegislative Assembly
Dates current1860–1873

Town of Brisbane was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Queensland from 1860 to 1873.

Taking in areas of Brisbane north of the Brisbane River, it was a three-member constituency and one of the original sixteen districts contested at the first colonial election in 1860.

Members for Town of Brisbane[edit]

Member Term Member Term Member Term
Charles Blakeney 1860–1865 George Raff 1860–1864 Henry Jordan 1860
Robert Cribb 1860–1863
Theophilus Pugh 1863–1869
William Brookes 1864–1867
George Raff 1865–1867
Alexander Pritchard 1867–1868 Kevin O'Doherty 1867–1873
Simon Fraser 1868–1870
George Edmondstone 1869–1873
Ratcliffe Pring 1870–1872
John Handy 1872–1873

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