Electoral district of Tumut

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Tumut was a former electoral district for the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales from 1859 to 1904 in the Tumut area. It was replaced by Wynyard.[1]

Members for Tumut[edit]

Member Party Period
  George Lang None 1859–1860
  Charles Cowper, Jr. None 1860–1863
  James Martin None 1863–1864
  Charles Cowper, Jr. None 1864–1866
  Edward Brown None 1866–1872
  James Hoskins None 1872–1882
  Thomas O'Mara None 1882–1885
  Travers Jones None 1885–1887
  Protectionist 1887–1891
  Edward Brown Free Trade 1891–1894
  Travers Jones Protectionist 1894–1898
  Robert Donaldson Independent 1898–1901
  Progressive 1901–1904


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