Electoral district of Wimmera

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VictoriaLegislative Assembly
Electoral district of Wimmera, Victorian Legislative Assembly.png
Location in Victoria, 1856–1859
Dates current1856–1889, 1992–2002
NamesakeThe Wimmera

The electoral district of Wimmera was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Victoria.

Coordinates: 36°00′S 142°00′E / 36.000°S 142.000°E / -36.000; 142.000

It was defined initially as "Bounded on the West by the Boundary Line of Victoria and South Australia; on the North by the River Murray; on the East by a Line to Lake Bael Bael, thence by the River Avoca to its Source; and on the South by the Boundaries of the Counties of Follett, Dundas and Ripon".[1]

In the Electoral Act of 1858 (which took effect in 1859), Wimmera was reduced in size and to one member; the Electoral district of Crowlands was created which incorporated part of the previous Wimmera district.[2]

In the redistribution of 1889, Wimmera was abolished and new districts including Horsham and Lowan were created.[3]

Members for Wimmera[edit]

Two members initially,[1] one member 1859[2]–1877, two members 1877–1889.

First incarnation (1856–1877)
Member 1 Party Term Member 2 Party Term
  William Hammill None 1856–1857   James McCulloch None 1856–1859
  John Quarterman None 1857–1859
  Robert Firebrace None 1859–1861        
  Samuel Wilson None 1861–1864
  James MacBain None 1864–1880
  Robert Clark None 1877–1880
  Walter Madden None 1880–1889   William O'Callaghan None 1880–1883
  Richard Baker None 1883–1889
Madden went on to represent the new Electoral district of Horsham from 1889.
Baker went on to represent the new Electoral district of Lowan from 1889.
Second incarnation (1992–2002)
Member Party Term
  Bill McGrath National 1992–1999
  Hugh Delahunty National 1999–2002

Election results[edit]


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