Electoral district of Young

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This article is about the historical New South Wales state electorate. For the historical South Australian state electorate, see Electoral district of Young (South Australia).

Young was an electoral district for the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales in the Young area. It elected two members between 1880 and 1894 and one member from 1894 to 1904, when it was replaced by Burrangong. Young was recreated in 1927 and abolished in 1981.

Members for Young[edit]

Two members (1880—1894)
Member Party Term Member Party Term
  James Watson None 1880–1882   William Watson None 1880–1882
  Gerald Spring None 1882–1887   James Mackinnon None 1882–1885
  William Watson None 1885–1885
  James Mackinnon None 1885–1887
  James Gordon Free Trade 1887–1889   Protectionist 1887–1891
  John Gough Protectionist 1889–1891
  Labour 1891–1894   Labour 1891–1894
Single-member (1894—1904)
Member Party Term
  Chris Watson Labour 1894–1901
  George Burgess Labour 1901–1904
Single-member (1927—1981)
Member Party Term
  Albert Reid Country 1927–1930
  Clarrie Martin Labor 1930–1932
  Albert Reid Country 1932–1941
  Fred Cahill Labor 1941–1959
  George Freudenstein Country 1959–1981