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The Finnish Eduskunta, or Parliament, is made up of 200 members, elected from 15 separate geographic areas, or electoral districts. All of the constituencies, with the exception of Åland, elect multiple members, ranging between six and 35 depending on the constituency's population. The constituency division is based on the old (1634–1997) provinces of Finland, and has remained more or less the same since the first elections for the Eduskunta in 1907.

A special case is the constituency of Åland, which only elects one member of parliament. Even though the region of Åland is much smaller than any of the other constituencies, Finnish law gives a special status for the region and it gets a seat even if its population would not entitle it to one.

Map of electoral districts[edit]

The numbers of seats are based on the 2015 parliamentary election.

Electoral districts in the 2015 election
Electoral district Seats
01 Helsinki 22
02 Uusimaa 35
03 Finland Proper 17
04 Satakunta 8
05 Åland 1
06 Tavastia 14
07 Pirkanmaa 19
08 South-East Finland 17
09 Savonia-Karelia 16
10 Vaasa 16
11 Central Finland 10
12 Oulu 18
13 Lapland 7

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