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TasmaniaLegislative Council

Map showing the electoral division of Hobart, as of the 2017 periodic review.[1]

State Tasmania
Dates current 1865–1999, 2008–present
MP Rob Valentine
Party Independent
Electors 24,475 (January 2015)
Area 50 km2 (19.3 sq mi)
Coordinates 42°53′42″S 147°16′41″E / 42.895°S 147.278°E / -42.895; 147.278Coordinates: 42°53′42″S 147°16′41″E / 42.895°S 147.278°E / -42.895; 147.278
Map showing the electoral division of Hobart

The electoral division of Hobart is one of the 15 electoral divisions in the Tasmanian Legislative Council. It was originally created in 1856 when the Council became the upper house of the Parliament of Tasmania. The seat was abolished in 1999 and re-created in 2008 after a redistribution saw the former division of Wellington returned to its former name.

The total area of the division is 50 square kilometres (19 sq mi), which covers the Hobart suburbs of Battery Point, New Town, West Hobart, Moonah, Mount Stuart, Lutana and Lenah Valley.

As of 31 January 2015, there were 24,475 enrolled electors in the division.[2]

Since 2012, the member in the Legislative Council has been Independent MLC Rob Valentine, who was the Lord Mayor of Hobart from 1999 to 2011. The next election in the division is due in May 2018.


First incarnation (three members, 1856–1946)
Member Party Period Member Party Period Member Party Period
  Edward Bedford Independent 1856–1859   Thomas Horne Independent 1856–1860   John Walker Independent 1856–1859
  William Carter Independent 1859–1865   James Wilson Independent 1859–1880
  John Wedge Independent 1860–1866
  Alfred Kennerley Independent 1865–1877
  Philip Fysh Independent 1866–1869
  William Crowther Independent 1869–1885
  James Agnew Independent 1877–1881
  Alexander McGregor Independent 1880–1896
  Thomas Smart Independent 1881–1886
  William Crosby Independent 1885–1909
  George Salier Independent 1886–1892
  Charles Grant Independent 1892–1901
  Gamaliel Butler Independent 1896–1914
  William Gibson Independent 1901–1905
  William Propsting Independent 1905–1937  
  Frank Bond Independent 1909–1921  
  Thomas Murdoch Independent 1914–1916
  William Williams Independent 1916–1922
  Thomas Murdoch Independent 1921–1927
  James Chapman Independent 1922–1925
  Charles Eady Independent 1925–1945
  James McKenzie Independent 1927–1933
  Frank Gaha Labor 1933–1943
  William Strutt Independent 1938–1946
  Arthur Tyler Labor 1943–1945
  Dennis Lonergan Independent 1945–1946
One member (1946–1999)
Member Party Period
  John Soundy Independent 1946–1952
  Phyllis Benjamin Labor 1952–1976
  Kath Venn Labor 1976–1982
  Hank Petrusma Independent 1982–1992
  Jean Moore Independent 1992–1994
  Doug Parkinson Labor 1994–1999
Second incarnation (2008–present)
Member Party Period
  Doug Parkinson Labor 2008–2012
  Rob Valentine Independent 2012–present

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