Electoral history of Christopher Dodd

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Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT)

Electoral history of Christopher Dodd, senior United States Senator from Connecticut (1981-2011), United States Representative (1975–1981), Democratic National Committee Chairman (1995–1997) and a candidate for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination

U.S. House elections[edit]

Connecticut's 2nd congressional district, 1974:[1]

Connecticut's 2nd congressional district, 1976:[2]

  • Christopher Dodd (D) (inc.) – 142,684 (65.07%)
  • Richard Jackson (R) – 74,743 (34.09%)
  • Anthony Discepolo (I) – 1,857 (0.85%)

Connecticut's 2nd congressional district, 1978:[3]

U.S. Senate elections[edit]

Connecticut United States Senate election, 1980:[4]

Connecticut United States Senate election, 1986:[5]

Connecticut United States Senate election, 1992:[6]

Connecticut United States Senate election, 1998:[7]

United States Senate election in Connecticut, 2004:[8]

Presidential elections[edit]

2008 New Hampshire Democratic Vice Presidential primary:[9]

(* – write-in candidate)

2008 Democratic presidential primaries:[10]

Excluding penalized contests, only primary and caucuses votes:

Including penalized contests:

(* – dropped out from race)

Leadership election[edit]

United States Senate Minority Leader (Democratic), 1994: