Electoral history of John F. Kennedy

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President John F. Kennedy

Electoral history of John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States (1961–1963); United States Senator (1953–1960) and United States Representative (1947–1953) from Massachusetts.

Massachusetts's 11th congressional district, 1946 (Democratic primary):[1]

Massachusetts's 11th congressional district, 1946:[2]

Massachusetts's 11th congressional district, 1948:[3]

Massachusetts's 11th congressional district, 1950:[4]

Massachusetts United States Senate election, 1952:[5]

Democratic presidential primary in Massachusetts, 1956:[6]

(All candidates ran as write-ins)

1956 Democratic presidential primaries:[7]

1956 Democratic National Convention (Vice Presidential tally):

First ballot:

Second ballot:

Third ballot:

Massachusetts United States Senate election, 1958:[8]

1960 Democratic presidential primaries:[9]

1960 Democratic National Convention (Presidential tally):[10]

1960 United States presidential election:

Electoral Results
Presidential candidate Party Home state Popular vote Electoral
Running mate
Count Percentage Vice-presidential candidate Home state Electoral vote
John F. Kennedy Democratic Massachusetts 34,220,984(a) 49.72% 303 Lyndon B. Johnson Texas 303
Richard Nixon Republican California 34,108,157 49.55% 219 Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. Massachusetts 219
Harry F. Byrd Southern Democratic Virginia (b) (b) 15 James Strom Thurmond South Carolina 14
Barry Morris Goldwater(c) Arizona 1(c)
(unpledged electors) Democratic (n/a) 610,409 0.42% (d) (n/a) (n/a) (d)
Eric Hass Socialist Labor New York 47,522 0.07% 0 Georgia Cozzini Wisconsin 0
Rutherford L. Decker Prohibition Missouri 46,203 0.07% 0 E. Harold Munn Michigan 0
Orval Faubus States' Rights Arkansas 44,984 0.07% 0 John G. Crommelin Alabama 0
Farrell Dobbs Socialist Workers New York 40,175 0.06% 0 Myra Tanner Weiss New York 0
Charles Sullivan Constitution Mississippi (TX) 18,162 0.03% 0 Merritt Curtis California 0
J. Bracken Lee Conservative Utah (NJ) 8,708 0.01% 0 Kent Courtney Louisiana 0
Other 11,128 0.02% Other
Total 68,832,482 100% 537 537
Needed to win 269 269